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Dragging Anchors

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The previous weekend I had a group of divers on our boat, ‘Stingray’, who were diving on the wreck of the N.G. Petersen. The Petersen is a small wreck which carried a cargo of iron ore and sank after a collision with another ship. It’s all right as a dive but most of the boat structure has rotted away and apart from a few bits and pieces all you can really see is the cargo. There’s a lot of life though, congers, wrasse, bib, crabs, starfish and scallops. I had asked the last divers down to fold up the anchor. They hadn’t been down long when I realised the shot was moving, I hadn’t expected much current and the wind wasn’t that strong as to drag a folded anchor with 5m of chain attached. I went over to the shot and gave it a tug, it was free! I pulled it a bit more until I found the end loop free, broken away from the chain and anchor. The shackle must have come undone or broken.

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N.G Petersen Wreck

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ss N.G. Petersen, built 1898 and owned by A/S Dampsk. Selsk. Vendila (Svendsen & Christensen), Copenhagen. She was lost while at anchor in Falmouth Bay on March 13, 1918, due to a collision with Norwegian ss SIRI while in convoy. The vessel was carrying a cargo of iron ore, which is most of what remains. Maximum depth is around 22m on high water. Recent ships at anchor have disturbed parts of the wreck making it a little more interesting. read more →