lady of the isles

Lady of the Isles

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The Lady of the Isles was a cable layer for the navy at the time of it’s sinking. It was under tow when it hit a mine. It now lies in a depth of around 52m and is another easy trimix dive. Small enough to complete in a single trimix dive, the stern is quite intact while the bow section is quite broken.

Lady of the Isle

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Lady of the Isle

Today was time for another mix dive, this time it would be the Lady of the Isle. She lies 3 miles off the Cornish coast around 7 miles out of Falmouth, in about 55m of water.

It was a glorious sunny day and the sea was as flat as you could want. There were just 6 of us on Shaun’s boat ‘Redeemer’, 3 with rebreathers and 3 of us with open circuit. The dive had been planned, two 12 litre cylinders full of trimix on my back and a 5 litre of oxygen rich gas under each arm. This would give me more than enough gas for a 30 minute bottom time and 40 minutes of accelerated decompression.

30 minutes at 55m

We met at the Quay at 9:45 and made our way to the dive site. Everyone took turns getting ready and jumping in when ready. I jumped in last and made my way down the shotline. Reaching the bottom after about 2 minutes, the shot was right next to the boiler. The wreck only had one boiler so it was a relatively small vessel. I made my way around the port side of the rear section of the stern, past the partially buried propeller and rudder. I did have a quick look for the brass letters that are supposed to be still there, spelling out the name of the wreck, I couldn’t see any signs of them. I carried on up the starboard side until the flattened part of the wreck. I never went much further forward to look for the bow as it looked fairly broken and un-interesting. I then continued around the steel beams that would have supported the decking boards, trying to get a peek at the area behind the boiler. There are some pieces of equipment still there, the main thing I noticed was all the electrical wiring and fittings, I don’t recall seeing so much lying around on wreck before.


The wreck has a light covering of Dead Mans Fingers, Red Fingers, Sea Fans and Cup Corals. There were, as usual a large quantity of Bib swimming around of various sizes, and two Conger Eels, one medium size and one large one.

After my planned 30 minutes was up, I started my ascent up the shot line. Switching gases at both 30m and 10m, I spent a total of 50 minutes decompressing, this was beyond my plan by five minutes, but one of my computers wanted another 5 minutes, if I had come up before hand it would have gone into error mode, in other words I would have bent the computer.

No pictures

This wreck was too deep for my current still cameras housing, which is only rated to 40m, my new one has just turned up and I haven’t had time to set it up. The video camera wasn’t set up either, so no pictures or video, sorry.


This wreck is not exciting, it is in the log and ticked off the list, but when you consider the cost of the Helium and the cost of the dive, it would be a lot better spent somewhere else.