H.M.S. Primrose

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The HMS Primrose was a sailing gunship that hit the Manacles in 1809. Over the years it has been subject to various types of salvage, many times. What remains now are just a few cannon balls and some encrusted items. Every now and then something new is found but nothing of any great significance for a long time.

At the church in St Keverne there is a carronade, removed from the HMS Primrose, it is visible from the road in front of the church.

Wessex Archaeology recently surveyed the Primrose, trying to work out if it was worth protecting, along with our help. They decided there wasn’t enough left to designate it as a protected site.

HMS Primrose cannonball

HMS Primrose cannonball

Sevra Wreck

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Little remains of the wreck of the requisitioned trawler, the Sevra (HMT or HMS). There is some discussion as to which wreckage belongs to the Sevra and that of the AN2, both were very similar ships and both used as mine sweepers. They sank within a few hundred metres of each other, within two days or each other and were both flattened at the same time in 1949 by HMS Caldy. After the levelling, the records got mixed up.

Not an easy site to find, it can be easily missed underwater too, it is quite flat.