FreeDiving Days Sailing Ship Special

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Departing from Mylor Yacht Harbour, near Falmouth, at 10:00, the boat heads east. Arriving at our first site, the sailing vessel (sv) Hera Wreck (18m high water springs, 13m low water springs) around 10:30. The wreck was a steel four masted sailing barque, that sank in 1914 after hitting the Whelps rocks off of Gull Rock, a small island. A shot line will be dropped on the shallowest part of the wreck, a large frame work which is the remains of the bow. The top of this framework is around 4m off of the seabed, making the top as shallow as 9m at low water. read more →

Andola Wreck

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The Andola was a 2045 ton, 84m long fully rigged sailing ship. It hit the Manacles Reef on 31/01/1895 in bad weather. Now well broken and lying quite flat it is an easy shallow dive, at a maximum depth of around 8-9m.

sv Andola

sv Andola

sv Andola today