air fills

Air fills, nitrox fills, trimix fills, pcp fills, air gun fills.

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At Atlantic Scuba we have a large air system, with a high output high pressure compressor. We have 16 filling whips, DIN or INT (A Clamp/Yoke), so can simultaneously fill 16 cylinders at once. We also have a gas booster and can offer nitrox and trimix mixes.

A lot of diving cylinders

A lot of diving cylinders

We can offer out of hours fills for clubs and large groups at our normal filling prices. We quite often fill cylinders for several BSAC and other clubs on trips to Penzance, Hayle or St Ives. Gas fills for all around west Cornwall.

So for Penzance air fills or Hayle air fills, contact Atlantic Scuba.

Cylinder Fills

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Atlantic Scuba currently offer scuba diving air cylinder fills and air gun cylinder fills up to 300 bar near Falmouth, in Cornwall.

The following prices are for normal opening hours only (9:00-17:30). If you require out of hours (7:00-9:00, 17:30-22:00) fills we can accommodate you if you have a minimum of 5 cylinders to be filled, less than 5 cylinders and we will have to charge £5 per cylinder, what ever the size.

Prices for air fills are as follows: read more →