Swanpool Beach, Falmouth

Another local dive instructor always uses Swanpool Beach for escorted dives and Open Water courses. I thought it was about time we had a look to see what it was like. Ruth and I headed down there on an overcast Saturday afternoon to have a look at the south side first. When we arrived the other instructor was there with his entourage taking a couple for a Discover Scuba course an a couple of snorkellers. We parked in the car park for the massive cost of £2 and headed to the cafe for the free cup of tea the car park price included.

The sea was flat and the visibility in water looked fairly good so we headed back to the car and kitted up. The walk across the road and beach to the water wasn’t too far and would be even closer of the tide was in. We put our fins on and went into the water, I was surprised it was a few metres deep so close to the shore. We descended and followed the line of sand/kelp out  towards Pennance Point.

During the dive we saw quite a lot of fish including Wrasse, Pollock and Whiting. We also came across three large Cuttlefish and two Jellyfish including a large Compass Rose jellyfish. The line of the kelp wove its way around, in and out and up and down. We found quite a few golf balls, probably from the golf course the other side of Pennance Point, they must have had some very wayward shots. As we got deeper we could see clumps of Sea Grass growing out in the bay, we’ll have to investigate that another day. We eventually ended up in 8.2m of water very close to the point. Time was passing fast and it we were already 45 minutes into the dive so decided we should head back. We exited the water after 76 minutes and made the shorter distance back to the van.

There was plenty of life and it was a nice dive. The location of a cafe and toilets made it very ideal in my opinion. I was told there is a small arch of the north side of the beach, we’ll have a look next time.