Snorkelling Trips by Boat around Falmouth

Our commercially coded dive RHIB, Stingray, is used regularly for scuba diving and free diving trips, it is also used for snorkelling trips.

A typical 5 hour day at sea, for up to 10 people, would see us leave Mylor Yacht Harbour at around 10am. Returning at around 3pm.

We have two usual routes, although we can go almost anywhere you like, within reason. Routes are usually chosen based around the wind direction. Below are the two usual routes:

Eastern Route: Fraggle Rock (St Anthony’s Lighthouse), Seal Caves, Shore’s Rock, Andromeda Wreck, Killigerran Head (or Seal Beach if it is low water).

Southern Route: Hole in the wall, UB86, UC92, ss Ponus, Ben Asdale.

The Southern route sites are all easily accessed from shore, it is a lot easier from a boat though.

A 5 hour trip costs £350 without kit, or £400 including Mask, Snorkel, Fins and a Wetsuit.

An 8 hour trip is £550 including any required kit.

If we see any interesting wildlife on the way, we will stop to watch if requested.