Rock Island Bridge wreck

The Rock Island Bridge was a American Cargo Steamer of 3,545 tons that sank in the Helford Passage, near Falmouth. It was under tow after a collision with the American Steamer the “S.S. Kenosha” on the 23rd March 1920. It was certain it was going to sink so it was taken to the south entrance of the Helford rather than the Fal. After attempts to re-float it failed it was dynamited to flatten it as it would be a danger to shipping.

Lying in a maximum of 14m of water the wreck is an easy dive that can be done in most conditions apart from strong easterlies. Although it is well broken it is covered in life of all types from nudibranchs to lobsters, just a little to the north there are a few scallops.

Cuttlefish on Rock Island Bridge wreck

Cuttlefish on Rock Island Bridge wreck

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Rock Island Bridge