On March 3rd 1915, the 325 ton trawler ‘St Ives H11’ was requisitioned for the navy. It was converted into an auxiliary patrol vessel, it entered naval service in May 1915 as 1192. HM Trawler St Ives, along with other vessels, helped salvaging the SS Keltier on December 11th and 12th 1916. The crew would have received a share of the salvage award, once it had been sorted out with the insurers. On the 21st December the St Ives came into contact with a mine laid by UC17 somewhere in Falmouth Bay. The officer and ten ratings on board were lost. The Commodore at Falmouth sent a telegram; “Regret to report trawler 1192 ST.IVES blown up by mine two miles W.S.W. of St. Anthony Falmouth. Sent to Admiralty and Devonport. 0845.”

HMT St Ives

HMT St Ives

The servicemen who were lost of the ship were:

CARMICHAEL WILLIAM ALBERT 24 Leiutenant 21 Dec 1916 Son of Charles and Mary Ann Carmichael, of 346, Boulevard, Hull
DENTON JOSEPH ALEC 20 Telegraphist 21 Dec 1916 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Denton, of High St., Scawby, Brigg, Lincs
FAREY HORACE CHARLES 19 Signaller 21 Dec 1916 Son of Thomas Henry and Alice Sarah Farey, of 141, Havelock St., Kettering, Northants
GRIMES WILLIAM GEORGE 20 Deckhand 21 Dec 1916 Mother J. Grimes, Hill Top, Clay next the sea, Norfolk.
PASCOE JOHN NICHOLAS 20 Deckhand 21 Dec 1916 Son of Robert and Lydia Pascoe, of Chapel Row, Porthleven, Cornwall.
PATTERSON ALEXANDER 18 Deckhand 21 Dec 1916 Son of Robert and Elizabeth Patterson, of St. Ellas Place, Eyemouth, Ayton, Berwickshire
PENDER SYDNEY .30 Deckhand 21 Dec 1916 Husband of Janie Stevens Pender, of Tresco, Scilly Isles
PROUT ALBERT HENRY 30 Trimmer / Cook 21 Dec 1916 Husband of Mary Jane Prout, of 34, Langton Rd., Falmouth, Cornwall
ROGERS FREDERICK . Trimmer 21 Dec 1916 Wife Sarah, John Street, Maryport.
SCOTT ROBERT . Engineman 21 Dec 1916 Son of Robert and Isabella Scott, of Hull.
STOREY ARTHUR . Engineman 21 Dec 1916 Wife Annie, Church Street, Brentwood?

Until now, the resting place of these servicemen and the wreck has not been known.

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