East Narrows Falmouth

Friday Evening

Our usual Friday evening was supposed to see us going to Raglans Reef, but one of Redeemer’s engines developed a rattle. Shaun didn’t want to risk going to the Manacles on one engine so we ended up in the estuary.

The estuary is a very interesting place, if you like the little things. The visibility is usually quite bad so you normally have to look hard to see anything.

I had now got my strobe connected to the Ikelite housing with the wide angle lens, I was happy to play anywhere. We jumped in the estuary at a place called the eastern narrows. I worked my way down the shallow ledge, gradually getting to about 20m before falling straight down the wall to 35m. A great little wall dive covered with all sorts of life. Every crab you could imagine, Dead Mans Fingers, Ross Coral, Urchins and lots of small stuff. Several small Pollack swim around as well as Gobies and other small fish.

Reaching the bottom I came across a big tyre, people chuck anything away, then a smaller tyre, it is now become home to several different marine animals.

The wall isn’t very long, and after a few passes I started my way back up to the shallows. The shallow areas are covered in life, you have to be careful not to touch the bottom, as it is covered in live Mearl, calcified Red Seaweed. There are lots of decorator crabs, hermits crabs, anemones ans tube worms all over the shallows.

All in all, a nice dive, and a chance to get some wide angles shots with vis that wasn’t as bad as I had expected for an ebbing tide.