Competent Diver

Atlantic Scuba also offers a combination of courses and experience dives, creating what we call a ‘Competent Diver’ level. Probably 99.9% of dives around the world are completed within the limits of these qualifications. Combining the Deluxe Open Water and Deluxe Advanced Adventure courses, our Competent Diver level also includes Enriched Air Nitrox Course with 6 Nitrox dives, plus, the Deep Diver certification.

Totalling 20 dives in total, over 11 days, with four diving qualifications.

Twelve of the dives are completed from our boat.

All dives will be on a one to one with the instructor.

Be the diver you want to be, for just £1795


(Deduct £150 for using your own equipment during the course)

Atlantic Scuba dive school, Cornwall’s speciality dive centre, UK.