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Snorkelling is a widely underestimated pastime. Using snorkelling as a tool for searching can be very useful, especially in the shallows or in hard to reach places. Around the coastline of the UK there are many secluded beaches, some not reachable by land that can be reached by snorkelling.

Using the right equipment and training, you can access places you never dreamed were possible without a boat.

At Atlantic Scuba, we not only teach the basics of snorkel equipment use, we also teach good finning techniques as well as some basic breathing up skills, to help with breath holding.

Diving from Dartmouth with the Maritime Archaeology Trust


We were invited to a days diving out of Dartmouth, with the Maritime Archaeology Trust (MAT). It was part of their diving schedule for their Forgotten Wrecks project. The idea was to gain as much information about WWI wrecks as they could. There would be a commercial dive team taking measurements etc. but we were there to fill the boat.

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Maritime Archaeological Trust artefact recording day


The Maritime Archaeological Trust came to our shop to do an artefact recording day. Julie arrived to find five people waiting to start. Various artefacts from local and distant WWI wrecks had been dropped in for the day, as well as some of our finds.

Julie showed us how to record the information for their Forgotten wrecks of WWI project. Dimensions, material, weight, dimensions, a sketch and even a series of photographs were recorded. Items from the sv Andromeda, ss Ponus, ss Lydie, NG Petersen, ss Volnay as well as some U-Boat parts were all in the items studied.

The following day, we escorted them to snorkel on the ss Ponus on Gyllyngvase Beach, followed by showing them where the U-Boat remains were.

Wednesday 22nd we will go to see a talk by the Maritime Archaeological Trust, at the Watersports centre in Falmouth, regarding their project.

TV again


Over the years we have appeared on several tv programs. Our next project started today, can’t say much about it just yet but it may beĀ  a 20 minute Inside Out special, in may be an hour long BBC2 documentary. Today we were filmed talking about the project and then individually interviewed.
It’s all starting again.

WW1 wrecks around Falmouth


100 years ago we were in the middle of the great war (WWI), it is quite topical at the moment. There are a lot of projects around regarding WWI wrecks, Falmouth has it’s share. For anyone interested in this subject, this might be of help.

sv Andromeda – Feb 13, 1915, Porthmellin Head

ss Ponus – Nov 3, 1916, Gyllyngvase Beach

NG Petersen – Mar 13, 1918, Falmouth Bay

ss Epsilon – Jan 21, 1917, Falmouth Bay

Tulip 2 – Aug 23, 1918, Bizzies Reef – Not Found

HMS St Ives – Dec 21, 1916 – Not Found

ss Volnay – Dec 14, 1817, Porthallow

Eric Calvert – Apr 22, 1918, Falmouth Bay

ss Spital – Jan 15, 1918, Falmouth Bay

Juno – Jul 03, 1915, Manacles

La Marne – Nov 20, 1917, Manacles

Krosfond – Nov 22, 1917, near Manacles

Cape Finisterre – Nov 02, 1917, near Manacles

Scuba diving cylinder coating


When we test cylinders, we are always on the lookout for cylinders that do not have the recommended coatings thickness. We see cylinders that are painted every year, it doesn’t take long for the manufacturers stamps to be filled with paint and disappear. The cylinders stamps are important, they show the serial number as well as working pressure, manufacturing date plus loads of other info. The paint has to be ground away until the stamped information is revealed. read more →

The Trouble with Tanks pt 5 – other materials and summary

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Others Cylinder compounds

Cylinders can also be made out of a composite construction, usually aluminium lined and carbon fibre wrapped. These are very light with thin walls and would require a lot of weight to sink them if used for scuba diving. They usually have a short specified life span. read more →

Scubafest 2016

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Atlantic Scuba will once again be attending Scubafest. We will be camping over the weekend, we are quite happy to dispense dive site information to anyone, whether that is for shore dives or boat dives. Pop on and see us.

We will also be running our RIB for the event, either from the shore or from Mevagissey harbour. Our full projected itinerary is shown below.

The Trouble with Tanks pt 4 – cylinder threads and valves

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Cylinder Threads & Valves

There are also a range of cylinder valves to confuse matters. Diving cylinder valves can be DIN or Yolk/A-Clamp/International(Int), most modern valves will be DIN convertible i.e. the centre of the A-Clamp valve can be removed to allow the valve to accept DIN threaded regulators. Older A-Clamp valves may not be changeable to DIN without an adaptor. read more →