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Half Way Rocks

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Half way rocks is so called because it is part way between Vase Rock and Maen Voes. It is the most dramatic of all the pinnacles on the Manacles with one side being almost vertical, from 12m to 37m. It is quite often confused with PenWyn although it is around 50m away. The top of the rock is around 12m, with the sea bed as far away as 37m. Covered in anemones and corals, it is also often described as an underwater garden. One of the U.K’s best reefs. read more →

Gull Rock Caves

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Lying between Gerrans Bay and Veryan Bay, Gull Rock stands high just 600m from shore. On the south side is a much smaller rock, the Gull Rock Calf. read more →

Outer Bizzies Canyon

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The Outer Bizzies Canyon is an 8m wide gully with 13m Pinnacles (LW) on each side. It is a part of the Bizzies reef system. It needs to be dived at slack water to get the most out of the dive. The dive usually starts at around 26m, at the base of the pinnacle, at the bottom of the canyon. There are some tall vertical walls covered in colourful anemones and soft and hard corals, as you make you way up the the top at around 13m (low water).

Wrigglers (Inner) Pinnacle

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The Inner Wrigglers Pinnacle is a very steeply sided pinnacle. Rising up from the seabed in around 45m, to the top in around 26m. Covered in jewel anemones and pink sea fans, it is a very pretty dive site. The top of the pinnacle is very small and almost impossible to drop an anchor or shotline on, so be prepared to start the dive at 45m.

Lady of the Isles

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The Lady of the Isles was a cable layer for the navy at the time of it’s sinking. It was under tow when it hit a mine. It now lies in a depth of around 52m and is another easy trimix dive. Small enough to complete in a single trimix dive, the stern is quite intact while the bow section is quite broken.

Rinovia HMT

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The HMT Rinovia was a steam fishing vessel, requisitioned as a mine sweeper in 1939. In 1940, it hit a mine and sank. It now lies in around 55m and is a really nice shallow trimix dive. It is small enough to be covered in a single dive, even at this depth. Lying fairly intact and upright, it can have a covering of fishing nets, which are themselves, normally covered in Plumose anemones.

Sevra Wreck

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Little remains of the wreck of the requisitioned trawler, the Sevra (HMT or HMS). There is some discussion as to which wreckage belongs to the Sevra and that of the AN2, both were very similar ships and both used as mine sweepers. They sank within a few hundred metres of each other, within two days or each other and were both flattened at the same time in 1949 by HMS Caldy. After the levelling, the records got mixed up.

Not an easy site to find, it can be easily missed underwater too, it is quite flat.


Turnaware Bar

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Turnaware Bar is one of our fall-back locations. Sheltered from virtually every wind direction, it isn't a bad dive. The area was used during WWII by American Ships before the D-Day landings, every now and then a piece of nostalgia turns up. A mxaimum depth of 18m, a site that can only be dived at slack water.

Pencra Reef & Tol Peg

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Pencra Reef is a massively underrated reef. With several steep walls, gullies and a shallow area called Tol Peg. Full of life, it is often passed over in favour of the Manacles. In reality, it is a site worth diving if you like marine life. Tol Peg, even though it is shallow, is colourful and covered in Jewel Anemones.

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