Atlantic Scuba Courses

GoPro Video Course with Jeff Goodman

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GoPro video courses with Jeff Goodman

The GoPro has certainly come of age and is revolutionizing underwater filming in terms of quality, cost and camera size. Although the ‘point and shoot’ or ‘leave it running’ approach to using these cameras can sometimes be effective, there is a lot more that can be achieved with knowledge and planning. But getting to grips with the camera is not all we cover. In addition we look at lighting techniques which will bring your images to life with brightness and colour.

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Deluxe Advanced Adventure Diver

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Advanced Adventure

You’ve taken your open water scuba diver course and now your ready to expand your knowledge but you would like to see what is out there first.  The Deluxe Advanced Adventure Diver course will give you an overview of five (5) selected SDI specialities plus an extra 5 open water boat dives.  Two of the specialties are SDI Deep Diver and Navigation Diver, which are the foundation of continuing diver education.  read more →

Deluxe Open Water Scuba Diver Course

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The Atlantic Scuba Deluxe Open Water Course comprises of the SDI Open Water Course plus four extra Open Water dives, 2 of which will be from our boat. The SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course is an entry-level certification course designed to give you the necessary skills to safely conduct open water dives.  Some of the many skills you will learn include buoyancy, proper weighting, marine conservation, equipment assembly, proper dive planning, and maintenance. read more →