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Film & Media Boat Charter

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Stingray is a stable vessel and is useful as a base for film & media work. Although it may not have the space and comfort of large hard boats, it does have speed as well as accessibility to shallow sites in it’s favour.

It has been used in:

  • Two different Rosamunde Pilcher films made by FFP New Media for German TV
  • BBC Radio Cornwall live broadcast platform
  • BBC One Show for filming a Freediving feature with Ian Donald and Andy Torbet
  • BBC One Show as a featured boat, as well as for filming a piece with Miranda Krestovnikoff
  • Numerous features for Scubaverse.com as a base for some featured dives with Jeff Goodman
  • Jocks and Nerds magazine, Tudor watches freediving Photoshoot with Ian Donald
  • Scuba Magazine Photoshoots and article features with Mark Milburn and Nick Lyon
  • ITV Countrywise with Ben Fogle, Freediving at Longships reef, Lands End
  • BBC Spotlight South West, multiple programs
  • BBC Inside Out, featured boat, surface camera boat
  • Poldark safety/guard boat, photographer’s boat, mounted mobile reflective screen
  • Farer Aqua Compressor freediving shoot, camera boat, location scout and location advisor










Basking Shark & Wildlife Watching


Our charter RHIB ‘Stingray’ is legally coded to take 11 people out for viewing wildlife as well as taking scuba divers. The waters around Cornwall have a rich wildlife heritage including Basking Sharks to Atlantic Grey Seals. As a WiSe (Wildlife Safe) Master accredited operator we have received instruction in species identification, life history and behaviour of a range of species that we might encounter, and will record our sightings for use in basic scientific research. read more →

Magnetometer & Side Scan Surveys


Atlantic Scuba owns two proton precession Magnetometers for detecting ferrous objects underwater. Our Planet Electronics MX500 Proton Magnetometer is a high quality Nuclear Magnetic Resonance scanner.  When towed behind our rhibs it can be used to find wrecks/wreckage or even cannons at various depths depending on the size and shape of the object. Our Aquascan AX100 is a more compact unit with similar capabilities to the MX500. By simultaneously using both our boats with both magnetometers, we can cover large areas very quickly. read more →