Boat Services

Magnetometer & Side Scan Surveys


Atlantic Scuba owns two proton precession Magnetometers for detecting ferrous objects underwater. Our Planet Electronics MX500 Proton Magnetometer is a high quality Nuclear Magnetic Resonance scanner.  When towed behind our rhibs it can be used to find wrecks/wreckage or even cannons at various depths depending on the size and shape of the object. Our Aquascan AX100 is a more compact unit with similar capabilities to the MX500. By simultaneously using both our boats with both magnetometers, we can cover large areas very quickly. read more →

RHIB Boat Charter, Stingray

Atlantic Scuba owns and operates two RHIBs (Ridged Hulled Inflatable Boats) as dive charter boats. ‘Stingray’ is a Category 4 MCA coded catamaran RHIB, licensed to carry 12 people including the boat skipper. It is fitted with two 90HP engines, it is fast, reliable and comfortable.

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