Cannon Ball Site, Round 2!

The Friday night’s dive was once again decided on the fly, as it were, everyone wanted a Cannon Ball. So guess where we ended up, back where we were last week. For a change I decide to go Open Circuit, the CCR was working fine but I do like to keep all my skills(!) up. We headed out to the site and I decided to go in first, damn, my torch is attached to my CCR and it’s getting dark, my backup’s are on charge! I told the skipper I’d send up my DSMB as soon as it seemed a little too dark, then I’d be up soon after as I wouldn’t be able to see much anyway.

A nice free descent to 17m on Open Circuit, trying to remember what to do, I didn’t have to change my set point, or a bubble check or a linearity check, just add air to my dry suit. Luckily I’d turned my computer to O.C. and air, rather than gauge mode that I usually have it on. It was giving me plenty of time, pity the ambient light wasn’t.

Looking around the bottom I could see well enough so I collected a few Scallops while looking for anything out of the ordinary. It’s surprising how hard it is to see Scallops at dusk underwater with no torch. After trying to pick up every rock I saw I came across a round looking one, it was very heavy. Luckily I have a lift bag attached to my backplate on my O.C. kit so out it came and after attaching it to my goody bag I put enough air in it to balance to weight of the lump. Then went looking for more. Another Scallop, I’ll put that in the bag. Ah! Problem! The goody bag is a draw string bag, the lift bag has pulled the cord so tight I can’t open it. Oh Well, Scallops in my pocket, DSMB up, then send up the lift bag. For a change I was the first one on the boat, there were already four cannon balls including mine on board.

In total we ended up with seven cannon balls between nine divers and enough Scallops for tea.

Later I cleaned the external crud off the cannonball, Calcium Carbonate (Limestone) I believe, to reveal a very shiny cast iron ball, pity it won’t stay like that!