Cannon Ball Reef

Dive Details

  • Launched from – Falmouth
  • Boat used – Cousin Jack
  • Date – 26/10/07
  • Time -18:23
  • Max Depth – 20.6m
  • Duration – 66 minutes
  • Temp – 13C
  • Rating – 4

Friday nights were back on in full swing, well it was the last couple of weeks but it still feels good that it’s back to normal. Due to the introduction of shipping having to use Low-Sulphir fuels for their voyage up the English Channel, Falmouth was now the first port of call. Falmouth isn’t normally a busy port, seeing around 10 large vessels a week, this will now increase to around 100 vessels a week. That, and the future development of the old harbour wall area to a 350 berth marina etc. the channel would start to get a busy and potentially more dangerous place. So the reef near the cannon ball site was the choice again. It doesn’t get affected by currents very much, so all the divers stay fairly close to each other. There’s less boats in general too, so it should be a lot safer.

We all dropped into the water, it was now pitch black since the clocks went back. Strobes were switched on on our fixed SMB’s and down we went. Even though there was no current, the particles in the water did move slowly so I followed them. I soon found myself on the sand/gravelly/dead maerly (is that a word) area around the reef and started to pick up a few scallops for tea. Last time there was some nice life around the area so I decided to keep my eye out for anything. There range of life was fantastic, shrimp walking along the bottom, cuttlefish finding a hollow to settle down for the night, wrasse finding spaces in the rock to rest, red gurnard just sitting there. Time was flying by so fast, I saw a bottle sticking out of the sand, it looked huge, I though I bet it’s broken. I picked it up and thats all there was, the neck, I looked inside and it wasn’t the neck it was the entire bottle! It looked different, initially I thought it was a squat brandy bottle so it went into the bag with my scallops. I now turned and headed back to the reef. On my return I came across an octopus, it’s always nice to see them, a little further on was a thornback ray another fish I like seeing. Time was up so I started my ascent watching the ray as I did. On the boat a few helped themselves to some of my scallops and most liked the bottle.

Further investigation into the bottle found it to be a European Onion wine bottle, possibly Dutch, circa 1680-1720. A 300 year old wine bottle that had been jettisoned when emptied by a merry sailor. A nice addition to my collection.