SS Arthurtown Wreck, Padstow

The SS Arthurtown was a small cargo ship weighing just 527 tons and measuring 49m long. It struck the Quies off of Trevose head in thick fog and tried to make way to Padstow, it didn’t make it. The Arthurtown foundered just a few hundred metres from Stepper Point in 18m of water.

It is easily found with a sounder as the cargo of scrap iron still stands three to four metres above the sea bed. The cargo has now rusted itself into one solid lump full of lots of holes where Conger Eels, Crabs and Tompot Blennies have made their home.

Around the lump of iron you can still see some of the hull, the bow and stern sections are very broken, probably due to the divers in the 60’s or 70’s dynamiting it to recover certain shiny items. This would explain why the bow and stern sections are apread around the sea bed. The wreck is easily circumnavigated in a dive, even twice if you wanted to. At this sort of depth you have plenty of time to swim off onto the surrounding reef as well. Currents can be strong as it is close to the point, you can get some lee if you hug the opposite side of the wreck from the current. The visibility has been good whenever I have dived it, I must remember my camera next time.