Another East Narrows Dive

Friday Evening’s Dive

It was another Friday evening and time for a dive. Shaun’s boat had developed a little rattle on it’s port engine last week, since then the engineer had been out, removed the engine, and Redeemer was out of action.

We had arranged Jason’s ‘Westbay Lass’ to take us out instead. Westbay Lass is a little smaller so only nine divers today. As the wind had been blowing an easterly, that had restricted us to the estuary again. Last Friday we had dive the eastern narrows, which we did again on Sunday, where did everyone choose to dive? The eastern narrows again. At least there are lots of things to photograph.

We headed over and jumped in a little closer to the sea than last time, the tide was coming in and we would drift upstream a little.

It’s very hard to write again about something that I have done twice in the last week without repeating. So this time I will just mention what the highlights were for me. The big Hermit Crab with the anemones on its shell, standing its ground while I took a load of photographs. A different kind of anemone or coral which I can’t identify from the books available. A shot of a Decorator Spider Crab, nice stance. A brittle star in the estuary, made a change. Something that looked like a yellow Nudibranch, which I have yet to identify. A tiny Crab similar to a Porcelain Crab, and a few well hidden crabs. That’s all I have to tell, a few nice photos, no wrecks, no spidge and no supper.


After searching through the internet it appears that the unknown Anemone is a Scolanthus callimorphus, it is apparently very rare. There has only been three other sightings of it before in the whole of England according to the NBN Gateway, none of these were in Cornwall.

I’ll post a picture when I have it confirmed by English Nature.