101 minutes at 20m

I had been doing a lot of teaching, which had involved pool work and shore diving recently and hadn’t had a lot of time for a dive myself. Sharky had Friday off, Andy was back on his leave so we all set off on Andy’s boat. Andy wanted to photograph the brittle stars that litter the area we call the cannon ball site, so that was the choice. The sea was flat and the visibility looked reasonable so I dropped in with Andy and started swimming around. We had dived a little further east than normal for a change to see what we could find.

The site was virtually the same bottom make up as normal, different areas of sand, rock and broken shells but without so many brittle stars. In fact Andy said he only saw one brittle star the while dive, I had come across a few areas that were littered with them. While swimming around I found a few scallops, a length of copper pipe with a brass flange and a cargo hook, so I sent up the lift bag with everything attached. I opened my next goody bag, a few more scallops then none for ages but I did see a Thornback Ray, a Gurnard and loads of dogfish. By this time Andy had gone up and Sharky had come down, I didn’t see Sharky. He had dropped in away from my location as the Ships Pilots were buzzing the boat, we had called them 3 times but they never answered. I had drifted towards the channel without realising it and the Pilots wanted to move some ships. The first thing I noticed was it was getting darker, siltier, deeper and with more Scallops I assumed I had gone towards the channel. I looked at my dive computer and it stated one minute of no-deco time left so I decided to surface after extended safety stops.

101 minutes after entering the 18m deep water I exited a mile from the entry point in 26m. The water was 12 degrees and the visibility ranged from 3 to 6m. I had a 12′ length of 2″ copper pipe, a cargo hook, a pulley block and some scallops on the boat already. I really enjoyed the dive although I wouldn’t want to do it everyday.